At Clinique Dentaire Grande-Allée, our experienced dentists offer you rapid, personalized service. With their gentle, efficient dental care treatments, you will soon regain your dental health and have a beautiful smile. You will be well taken care of by an experienced dental health professional. Call us now to make an appointment with one of our dentists!

Our Team

● Dr. Caroline Ibrahim

● Dr. Enna Kadoch

● Dr. Jessica Dobrinski

● Sarah Azeroual, Denturologist

Dr. Enna Kadoch

Dr. Kadoch is your dynamic dentist, with great patients listening skills! She is very patient and always strives to do an impeccable job. Listening to your every concern, she provides clear and precise explanations, always with a smile.

Dr. Caroline Ibrahim

Dentist and owner for over 15 years, Dr. Ibrahim remains caring and attentive to her patients. Her calm and her smile will dispel any anxiety in the most fearful patients. Respectful and attentive to your needs, Dr. Ibrahim will guide you to your best smile through her expertise in dentistry!

Dr. Jessica Dobrinski

Dr. Dobrinski is warm and has a great sense of humor to lighten the mood during her treatments. She keeps you informed of every step throughout the appointment. Children love her!

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