Dental care is a team effort between you and your dentist. This effort should start at a young age. At Clinique Dentaire Grande-Allée, we teach your child good hygiene habits to maintain a radiant smile throughout their life.

Let our professionals explain to your little ones how the visit with us is going to go. We use terms that are appropriate to the child's age. Our hygienist will explain with images, during the child’s first appointment, what every instrument does. We will provide sunglasses to protect the child’s eyes from the light. He will open his mouth wide like a crocodile to count his teeth during dental examination. His teeth will be brushed by the hygienist during cleaning, who will then apply small vitamins on the teeth, or fluorine. If there are teeth to repair, the dentist will “put the tooth to sleep” (we do not mention needles) and we will put a little star on the cavity. And of course, there is a nice surprise at the end of the appointment! Our little patients come out of their appointment quite proud of their positive experience at the dentist!

In addition to our services, you will also be entitled to RAMQ benefits for children under 10 years of age.

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